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#1 03.Apr.18 19:34:44


Thornham Rocks

I can’t find the string where we discussed this new craze but since finding out about these and Ramsbottoms Rammy Rocks we bought some paint sticks and did some of our own.  We have labelled them Moelfre Rocks, not very original I know but the name is what it says on the tin.
Over the Easter weekend several visitors have found our hidden Rocks and taken pictures and added them to our village Facebook page.  Now others are arriving and bringing their own with them to exchange with ours taking them back to hide at home.
It’s just a bit of fun and I don’t think we are doing any harm and if it brings communities together then that’s a good thing is it not.

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#2 03.Apr.18 23:03:13


Re: Thornham Rocks

Well done Exile, it's a great idea to keep the kids occupied.

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#3 04.Apr.18 21:11:13


Re: Thornham Rocks


We found another yesterday!  If you’re on the page, we found the one with the eye on it.

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