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#1 04.Jul.18 14:43:50

ridge walker

Beautiful game.

Well what a game, what are FIFA doing about all this dirty fouling thats going on under the referees noses, its almost obligatory to wrestle players to the the floor, to wrap your arms around them, climb onto there backs, head butt them, trip them up, pull their arms and tug their shirts off their backs,  we have even seen 2 players attacking one during a free kick and nothing is done, not one red card issued and no one sent off, and every time the refs watch the VAR they make the wrong decision rather than correct an error, apparrently they have to consider the culture of the teams and dont want to interupt the flow of play and if they do they get surrounded by the entire team shouting and pointing, shoving and pushing each other in making false appeals it was them that done it, its very funny, farcicle and daft, even the coaches put their elbows in when players have left the field, then snigger behind the referees back while explaining what happened, pointing a finger at the poor fellow who was innocently walking bye..... dont tell me you missed it, absolutely brilliant.    Best bit is the mad celebrations  afterwards in the pubs as beer sprays the walls and ceilings, wheres that come from- a bit over excitement if you ask me, like headless chickens running about in circles jumping up and down, waving arms in the air and singing...... get a grip its only a game, the worlds gone nuts.


#2 04.Jul.18 18:15:49


Re: Beautiful game.

Maradonna & the Columbian manager have both been ranting about the "dirty,cheating" English players.  lol  Seriously? Surely they can't be serious?   wink

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#3 04.Jul.18 18:57:39


Re: Beautiful game.

I’d be a fantastic referee.  I have a vague grasp of the rules, and I would stand for absolutely no nonsense.

If you answer back, you have to go off the pitch for 1 minute for every year of your age to think about what you’ve done.
If you roll around on the ground because you claim you are injured, then it must be very, very bad, so you need to go off for the rest of the game.

They all seem to behave like toddlers, so they should have the same rules my toddlers had!

I did enjoy the penalties though.  We should have just gone straight to that bit.  I felt really sorry for the guys that missed, and the Colombian goal keeper though.

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