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#1 12.Jul.18 10:13:39


Frizzeaze V Waterman's.

I had a thread going a while ago about Watermans shampoo and conditioner and how I was trying it out but I can't find it so I've started a new one.

I went through a full bottle of Waterman's conditioner, in conjunction with the shampoo. It wasn't cheap. I think it was about £28 for the two.
It wasn't creamy like normal conditioner and had a very antiseptic smell about it.

Having used it all up I have now gone back to John Frieda Frizzeaze conditioner because it's much much better.
I never had one good hair day all the time I was using the Watermans and I've been back using Frizzeaze for a couple of weeks and my hair is 100% better.

I should never have stopped it.

Verdict: Watermans 1 out of 10
            Frizzeaze    10 out of 10

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#2 12.Jul.18 20:55:13


Re: Frizzeaze V Waterman's.

I'm still on Frizzeaze Tabby.

Really called Janet (and still confused)


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