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#1 08.Sep.18 18:38:39


Cold Calls

From this morning press cold phone calling is illegal and offenders face heavy fines, tummenupp

I would if I could but I can't,


#2 08.Sep.18 23:22:22

China Girl

Re: Cold Calls

The problem is that a lot of them call from abroad so it may be the same situation as with the TPS where nothing could be done.  Many call from mobile numbers as well now so not sure how they would be traced.  I never answer a number that doesn't come up with a name from my contacts on my mobile.  If its a legit caller then they will leave a message.  I usually check the number out online and it usually confirms that its a cold caller.  My latest phone is really good because when it rings it actually says something along the lines of 'suspected spam' or words to that effect.  I don't think they will ever stop cold calling but I wish they could.


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