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Kindness Cards Project

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Hi, my name is Beth Graham, I’m 17 years old and I live in Oldham.
I run a non profit organisation called Kindness Cards Project.
I hand-make cards and friendship bracelets and send them out to anyone in the UK who has any illnesses, disabilities, mental health conditions, or anyone going through a difficult time who may need cheering up. I do this simply as an act of kindness to make people smile.
I do not charge anything for these cards and bracelets, all I ask for in return is that the person who has received the card and bracelet does something kind for someone else when they get the chance to.
I started this project because I wanted to do something nice for other people, and add some kindness into the world.
I have autism myself, so I wanted to send my cards and bracelets to people just like me, who have similar disabilities and struggles etc. That was how my project started. I created an Instagram page, and almost instantly I got a few messages from people who have autism, just like me. Now I send my cards and bracelets out to people of all ages and for many different reasons, all around the UK!
I have also recently been hand delivering my cards and bracelets to the oldham hospital to the different wards, children’s and adults, for people staying in hospital. I also gave some out to the hospital staff to say thank you for everything they do.
I have sent over 100 cards and bracelets to the hospital.
And also I’ve sent out over 100 in the post. At first I was counting exactly how many I send out, but I lost track because I’ve sent so many!
I am able to run this project because of kind donations of craft supplies and postage stamps from my family and friends, and even complete strangers! I am so extremely grateful to every single person who has donated supplies to me. I wouldn’t be able to do this without them!
If you’d like to know more about what I’m doing and even see some pictures and videos of people who have received cards from me, please visit my facebook page, Kindness Cards Project or my instagram page @kindnesscardsproject
Thank you xx





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Re: Kindness Cards Project

What a wonderful young woman. She is an inspiration.

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