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#1 05.Nov.18 19:08:35


Quad bikes on Royton's bridleways

by inbox:

Hi I Love Royton, wondering if you could help me by putting a post up about people just taking care whilst their children are riding on quad bikes on the local bridle ways. We have recently seen a an increase on the number of people using the local bridle ways for off road quad biking/ motor biking. There are lots of blind bend on these lanes and tonight we were faced with a child's quad bike up and down the lanes at some speed. Granted his farther was with him but it didn't seem to make much difference. I don't want to feel like a party pooper but everyone needs to be able to used the "bridle ways" safely. It's getting harder and harder to avoid things like this when we are out riding our horses which can startle them badly and cause serious accidents. I fear this may happen if people aren't made aware. I also am worried for the safety of dogs and their walkers, pedestrians and even motorists who travel at a slow reasonable speed and live on the bridle ways. if you could put up a post it would mean the world to myself and my fellow equestrian. Education is everything in these situations. thanks in advance.

and later:

I bumped into the quads again the other day and the children riding them had more sense when they saw my horse to stop and turn off then their farther. He said,"why have you stopped and turned them off?" To which they replied, "we have stopped because there is a horse" he had they start them up again though. Luckily enough this particular horse is ok but we have others that aren't. I dread to think what will happen if the bump into a child on horseback or a dog or elderly person who can't get out of the way

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